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HMY Traders is a family owned company specializing in Himalayan Salt Products.

We are manufacturers of and exporters of Himalayan Salt health & beauty products, Marble Onyx handicrafts and minerals to 33 countries, currently. We started our business with a warehouse and a packaging unit. HMY Traders is driven by the vision of delivering quality products at competitive prices. We exporters of Himalayan Salt products to different parts of the world.

Our company has always been emphasizing on quality.

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What We Do


Step 1: Salt Cutting.


Step 2: Salt Washing

Hole Punching & Base Fitting

Step 4: Hole Punching and Base  Fitting. Step 5: Packing Step 5: Boxing Step 6: Delivery 

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Bath Salt Manufacturing Process

Our in-house manufacturing and packing facilities enable us to maintain high quality controls and gives us an edge over our competitors on controlling our costs and give better prices to our customers.

  • High quality controls
  • Our in-house manufacturing
  • Our in-house  packing
  • our costs and give better prices

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